Mont Blanc Ascent

Firstly may I just say I absolutely loved the Mont Blanc trip, and when talking to the other climbers who had gone with other agencies, our trip had the best mix of mountain huts, walks and training, so thank you, it really was superb.

J Kamming | United Kingdom



Take an adventure holiday in FRANCE with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

The democratic republic of France is one of the largest countries in Europe covering an area of 547,000 sq km (213,330 sq mi). The English Channel lies to the northwest and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Spain broils across the Pyrenees to the south, the Mediterranean (including Corsica) is to the southeast and over the eastern Alps and Jura ranges lie Switzerland and Italy. France's relatively flat northeastern borders abut Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. The French Alps include Mont Blanc, which at 4807m (15,750ft) is Europe's highest peak. The population of France is approximately 59 million, of which 90% are Roman Catholic.

Mont Blanc Climbing & Trekking holidays

The Mont Blanc massif and surrounding peaks provide a stunning backdrop and objective for walkers and climbers alike. The historic Tour du Mont Blanc is easily one of the most spectacular walks of the world. Being the highest peak in the European Alps, climbing Mont Blanc is a natural objective for many experienced and novice climbers. Climbing Mont Blanc should not be underestimated. Despite being lower than mountains such as Kilimanjaro it is a serious expedition requiring the use of crampons, ropes and other technical equipment.

Whether you wish to walk around Mont Blanc, or climb to the summit of Mont Blanc, we have a Mont Blanc adventure holiday for nearly everyone – including families. Whatever you choose to do a visit to Mont Blanc is sure to provide a spectacular and memorable mountain holiday experience.

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The Weather in France

FRANCE AND SWITZERLAND ALPS: As with any alpine region, the weather is very changeable; sunny, clear days can turn dark and stormy within a very short space of time, and then clear up again shortly after.One needs to be prepared for such variable conditions by carrying layered clothing including a good set of waterproofs.It is unlikely to be exceptionally cold, although there can be windy conditions on Mt Blanc.

If the weather turns foul, it is most likely to be wet rather than a snowstorm or anything else; your waterproof and windproof gear therefore, should be of good quality and in good condition. Nights will be fairly chilly, which will suit us for climbing – it keeps the snow on our alpine routes in good condition, although we would not expect it to be bitterly cold. Note that our accommodation is in huts throughout the trip, rather than camping, so evening temperatures are not so much of an issue.

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