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We are looking forward to our next adventure with World Expeditions. Many thanks for a brillant holiday!

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Take an adventure holiday in VIETNAM with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.


Since the early 1990's, Vietnam has been opening its doors to tourism. Although the relatively long periods of isolation and a history of war has not produced a laid-back tourism paradise like Thailand facilities and infrastructure in the country are changing rapidly. It is now one of the most popular adventure travel holiday destinations thanks to the variety of experiences available.

Adventure Travel In Vietnam

World Expeditions operates a wide range of adventure holidays in Vietnam, both active and not-so-active. Choose a walking or cycling holiday in Vietnam to take you through this amazing country and perhaps continue on to Cambodia. Vietnam is also a fabulous family holiday destination, its food delicious and wholesome.

Cycle Tour of Vietnam

Since running our first cycle ride through Vietnam over a decade ago our trip reports have always exceeded our expectations. Without a doubt cycling is one of the finest ways to discover a country where hospitality comes as second nature. Our complete service includes comfortable geared cycles, a support crew and backup vehicle, and nights spent in simply appointed hotels where the local cuisine will be sure to delight. More on Vietnam Cycle Tours.

Vietnam Family Adventure Tours

Vietnam is perfectly suited for a family adventure. There are few countries where children (of all ages) relate so spontaneously and where lasting friendships are formed on a daily basis. Activity and variety are the keys to the success of this adventure. More on Vietnam Family Tours.

Vietnam - Halong Bay Kayaking Holiday

Extend any holiday in Vietnam with a Halong Bay Kayaking extension to your adventure holiday.  Of course, you can also experience this wonderful part of Vietnam without a commitment to kayaking.

Click here to view footage of a Halong Bay Vietnam Kayaking Holiday

About Vietnam

Vietnam stretches over 1600 km along the eastern coast of the Indo-Chinese peninsula from 8' 34" N to 23' 22" N.The land mass is 329,566 square kilometres, making it larger than Italy and slightly smaller than Japan. Vietnam is a country of immense beauty and geographical diversity. The country is roughly divided into three main areas – Bac Po (north), Trung Bo (centre) and Nam Bo (south). The main feature of the north of Vietnam is mountains and forests along with the vast Red River Delta. The north is also home to the Gulf of Tonkin and a maze of islands in the bay. Central Vietnam is made up of agricultural plains wedged between the Truong Son Mountains and the South China Sea making some dramatic mountain passes overlooking ocean vistas. The Mekong Delta dominates the south of the country.

Vietnam has been the site of battles and invasions for over 2000 years. Influences of invaders or modern day 'liberators' have left the country with a unique cultural identity and a complex and fascinating history. This history has given Vietnam a diverse population made up of different ethnic groups, particularly from China. The predominant ethnic group is known as ‘kinh’ and make up about 90% of the population. There are dozens of other ethnic groups including Cham and Khmer particularly in the south of the country.

Featured Adventures

Mai Chau Hill Tribe Walk

Escape to the stunning valley of Mai Chau and visit surrounding minority villages
3 days |

Mekong Delta Cycle

Cycle along the backroads that criss-cross the Mekong Delta. Visit farms and markets in this lush, fertile region of Vietnam
3 days |

Mekong Explorer River Cruise

A cruise on the Mekong River that takes you to the heart of Indochina in comfort and style
8 days |

North Vietnam Explorer

An exploratory journey encompassing fascinating hill tribe cultures and magnificent scenery
9 days |

Sapa Eco Retreat

Discover north Vietnam's fascinating ethnic minority groups and stunning terraced landscapes
5 days |

Sapa Trek

Trek in the beautiful valleys of Sapa in Vietnam's remote northwest, an area of stunning natural beauty home to diverse ethnic minority hilltribes
7 days |

South Vietnam Adventure

Experience the natural wonders and cultural highlights of southern Vietnam
8 days |

Thanh Son Elementary School & Kindergarten Upgrade

Renovate an elementary school and kindergarten and discover the hillside paradise of Mai Chau
15 days |

Vietnam by Bike

Cycling is the classic way to experience the diversity of Vietnam. This journey from Hanoi through the central highlands and along the coast to Ho Chi Minh City is one of our most popular tours
15 days |
Reviews 3

Vietnam Family Explorer

An all encompassing panoramic journey through the heart of Vietnam designed for families
12 days |
Reviews 1
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The Weather in Vietnam

The best season to visit Vietnam is from October through to March, as it is generally much cooler than the summer months of June to August. Rain is possible at any time so we suggest you pack a waterproof jacket / poncho with a hood for all departures.

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