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Magara Primary School Project

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the recent trip to the Magara secondary school project in Tanzania and how wonderful the World Expeditions staff were. Our guide was a fantastic source of information and really helped us a great deal but also allowed us a lot of freedom to work things out for ourselves. The group was great and we hope to keep in contact as much as possible. The staff at the secondary school and the students were memorable and I wish them all the best and also to the people who attend the project next year.

Lea Smith | Victoria, Australia

Offset Your Air Travel


Rising temperatures, drought and water shortages, melting glaciers and icecaps and extreme weather conditions bring the problem of global warming into our collective consciousness. The need to address this global concern, both on an individual, business and government level, has never been more immediate. We must act now to build a future that is less reliant on fossil fuels for energy and instead harness the efficiencies of renewable resources to fuel our homes, businesses and modern lifestyles.

Core to World Expedition’ philosophies on travel and the way our business operates is our commitment to Responsible Tourism. Since our inception we have set the industry standards on Responsible Tourism practices and so it is a natural progression for us to take responsibility for the emissions produced as a result of our business.

What does becoming Carbon Neutral mean to World Expeditions?

Climate neutrality simply means that unavoidable greenhouse emissions that our business produces have been balanced out or neutralized through investing in projects that prevent the equivalent amount of emissions being released into the atmosphere.

When we neutralize our emissions we are going a step beyond canceling our emissions – we are also accelerating the transition to a clean energy future and contributing to the technologies that are the long-term solutions of climate change.

World Expeditions - Planetair Calculator

Neutralize your air travel

It is estimated that of the total carbon emitted on one of our adventure holiday packages that up to 95% of emissions will be produced by air travel. This is why offering our travelers the ability to neutralize their air travel was the first step in our quest to reduce carbon emissions associated with our company. 

When you book a flight, you can calculate the amount it cost to neutralize your air travel vis our calculator. It is then up to you whether you pay the full amount (round trip) or half the amount (a one-way airfare) to neutralize all of or part of your air travel. 

We use Planetair’s air travel calculator, which is based on emissions factors from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). Air travel emissions are complex calculations and values vary between providers. We believe that Planetair's calculator is the most accurate available and reflects the current scientific consensus.

If you are committed to environmentally responsible travel, like we are at World Expeditions, we strongly encourage you to neutralize your air travel, as we do for all of our staff.

>> CLICK HERE to calculate the carbon emissions produced from your flight

Why have we aligned with Planetair?

Planetair is a not-for-profit carbon neutral service and offset-reseller offered by the Unisféra International Centre. The carbon credits Planetair procures from myclimate, meet the strictest international quality standards (CDM and Gold Standards) and support projects around the world that directly reduce greenhouse gases and in doing so directly protect the climate. The projects must verifiably reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as contribute to sustainable local development in their respective region. These projects fall within the categories of renewable energy production, energy efficiency, and reduction of methane emissions in combination with energy usage.

The carbon credits World Expeditions obtains from Planetair are supported and endorsed by NGOs and Governments internationally and guarantee that all of our carbon credit projects:

Adhere to the strictest international standards— Projects meet the highest international quality standards (CDM and Gold Standards) and fulfill internationally recognized criteria based on the Kyoto Protocol.
Are permanent - they only select credits from renewable energy projects that are guaranteed to permanently reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as opposed to carbon sequestration projects which only temporarily bind C02 (e.g.; reforestation projects).
Are verifiable - All of their projects are verified by independent, UN-accredited monitoring agencies and the emissions reductions are verified annually during the entire duration of the projects.
Are additional - their projects are over and above 'business as usual', i.e. projects that would not occur without outside investment through carbon credits.
Contribute to sustainable development – The selection of a project is not only based on its impact on climate change, but also on its broader environmental, and socio-economic benefits.

Why this helps the clean energy industry?

Renewable energy currently costs more to produce than burning fossil fuels. The extra income renewable generators earn from selling carbon credits is the key factor that helps make renewable energy sources economically viable so that we can make the urgent transition from unsustainable polluting energy to clean sources. This is necessary to address climate change.

>> Visit Planetair website for more information on carbon offsetting

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