Larapinta Trek

We had a wonderful time on our recent 8 day Larapinta Trek. The trip was made all the more enjoyable by the assistance of our guides Adrian and Craig. Their flexibility, steady temperaments, knowledge, friendship, experience, sense of humor and ability in the kitchen took all the difficulties out of our experience. Nothing was too much trouble, and everything that should have happened happened, and happened when it should have. They made the whole experience for us a simple walk in the bush. We could not reccommend them more highly.

Peter Surtees | St Ives, NSW



Take an adventure holiday in AUSTRALIA with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

Australia is a wild land, where extremes of climate and terrain ensure that much of the continent has changed little since the Aboriginal Dreamtime. It is still possible to travel for days across the outback without seeing another person. Amongst this vast wilderness are ancient mountain ranges, magnificent gorges and waterfalls and Aboriginal communities with deep and abiding links between culture and country.

Great Walks of Australia - Our pioneering developments of the new Larapinta semi permanent campsites has lifted the Larapinta Trail to a level of the world class standards of the Great Walks of Australia. Not only is World Expeditions the operator of the Larapinta, we are also the only trekking tour operator to offer all seven of the Great Walks.

Australia Adventure Travel

The traveller can experience this wild country in many different ways, from a supported Larapinta Trail trek and Heysen Trail trek in the desert mountain ranges, canoeing tropical rivers on a Kakadu canoeing tripseakayaking Tropical Queensland amongst the reefs and rainforests, bushwalking the sub-alpine wilderness on our Cradle Mountain walk or trekking amongst the forests and coastlines on the Bibbulmun Track and Cape to Cape Track of South Western Australia.

For over two decades World Expeditions has been exploring the wild country of Australia and the Pacific. Our itineraries have always been at the ‘cutting edge’ of adventure, ever since we first rafted the Franklin River in 1978. Our innovative treks, kayak and rafting expeditions are unique, travelling to the heart of the wilderness, far beyond the tourist trails. Many of our itineraries are activity-based and spend time in remote locations. World Expeditions is dedicated to a complete wilderness experience. We do not rush, but take the time to let the country work its magic.

Trek the Larapinta Trail

The Larapinta Trail is one of the finest walks in Australia. Walking the high ridgelines of the West MacDonnell Ranges we gain a rare perspective of vast flood plains, the razorback rocky outcrops and sheer scale of this ancient land. World Expeditions operates three separate adventures along the trail. The Larapinta End To End (14 day trek), The Larapinta Trek (6 day trek) and Larapinta Experience (3 day trek). Choose any one of these adventures for an unequalled outback trekking experience.

About Australia

Australia is the sixth largest nation after Russia, Canada, China, the United States of America and Brazil. The mainland of Australia is the largest island in the world and is also the flattest continent on Earth. The Australian federation (Commonwealth of Australia) consists of six States and two Territories. The largest State, Western Australia, is about the same size as Western Europe yet has a population of only 2million people. Australia has some of the best adventure destinations in the world. Consider the deserts of the red centre, the wilderness and wildness of Tasmania, the tropics of Queensland, and the remote Kimberley.

Featured Adventures

Arkaba Walk

Walk from Wilpena Pount to Arkaba Station staying in luxury private camps
4 days |

Art Expedition Flinders Ranges

Guided artists excursions South Australia's Flinders Ranges. Led by art teacher Michael Herron with comfortable outback camping, this trip allows both amateur and professional artists to capture the inspiration of the Flinders Ranges.
9 days |

Art Expedition Larapinta

Guided artists excursions in Central Australias West MacDonnell Ranges. Led by art teacher Michael Herron with comfortable outback camping, this trip allows both amateur and professional artists to capture the inspiration of the Red Centre.
6 days |
Reviews 1

Bay of Fires Lodge Walk

Discover pristine wilderness, mouth-watering local foods and tranquil accommodations on this idyllic short escape to the beautiful Bay of Fires
4 days |
Reviews 2

Ben Lomond Mountain Bike Descent

One-day adventure mountain biking around Ben Lomond Peak's 1450m summit and it's switch backs, hairpin bends and awesome gravel roads
1 day |

Best of the Larapinta Trail

An extended trek along the best sections of Australia's most celebrated desert walk
9 days |
Reviews 1

Bibbulmun Track - Albany to Denmark

Explore forests, beaches and wildflowers on the most southern section of this iconic WA trail between Albany and Denmark
7 days |

Bibbulmun Track - Walpole to Denmark

Supported trekking through the forests and beaches of the far south of Western Australia between Denmark and Walpole
9 days |

Bruny Island Cruises

A full one day tour including wilderness cruise amongst Australia highest sea-cliffs, seal colonies and spectacular rock formations.
1 day |

Bruny Island Gourmet Hike & Bike

Discover the food, wine, wilderness & wildlife of Tasmania's remote & rugged south by bike
5 days |
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The Weather in Australia

WESTERN AUSTRALIA (SOUTH-WEST): Including the Bibbulmun Track and the Cape to Cape Trek. The South West of WA is greatly influenced by the cold Southern Ocean. In October and November temperatures can range between 10°C at night and 25 °C during the day. From December to March temperatures can range from 15°C at night to daytime temps of 30°C, with occasional blustery southerly winds and light rain. Rare summer days up to 40°C may be experienced and the tour may be modified to suit the conditions on the day. During the colder months (April to September) the hills along the south coast can experience gales, frost and hail.

KIMBERLEY: Including the Kimberely Expedition Cruises. Generally speaking, it is fine, rain-free and there is plenty of sun -- a pleasant change if you are coming from winter in the South. The days are quite warm (around 32°C) and can be slightly hotter later in the season (August-September). The chance of rain between late June and October is low; however, it is not uncommon to experience the odd shower in May and early June as the wet season winds up. Many people are surprised by the cool evenings during the mid-dry season. Night-time temperatures are often below 10°C on the plateau so warm clothing for the evenings is a must.

RED CENTRE: Including t the Larapinta Trail. Generally speaking, the weather is fine in the Red Centre and there is plenty of sun. We go in the coolest part of the year as this the most comfortable time for trekking in Central Australia. Daytime temperatures in April – May are mild while June - July can be cool. From August to October, the days get progressively warmer and late in the season the occasional hot day may require us to modify the days trekking to suit the conditions. In the desert, nighttime temperatures can be cold at any time of year, however Autumn and spring are usually mild. From late May through to early August, the evenings can be very cold (down to minus 3C° / 28F°). On rare occasions, rain in Central Australia can force us to alter our schedule.

TOP END: Including the Explore Kakadu & Beyond and Tiwi Sailing and Arnhem Land Community Project Travel adventures. Generally speaking, it is fine, rain-free and there is plenty of sun between May and October.The days are quite warm from May to November (tops of around 35°C) and evenings can be cooler (down to around 15°C). As the wet season approaches (Oct/Nov) there are sometimes spectacular thunderstorms that provide relief from the humidity. Throughout the year we can swim in crystal clear pools.It is essential in this climate to keep up a high fluid intake (plain water is best) to avoid dehydration.

TASMANIA: Includes the Franklin River Rafting, Tasmania Panorama, South Coast Track, Cradle Mountain Treks, Freycinet Walks and the Heritage Cycle trip. Tasmania is a landscape of diversity and is subject to great change in weather.While the summer months generally provide longer days and less rain, extremes in weather can be experienced.The mountains of Tasmania can receive snowfalls at anytime of the year while the coastal climate can often provide very summery hot conditions.Being prepared for all circumstances helps us in achieving a successful holiday.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Included the Heysen Trail trek. The Flinders Ranges are just high enough to extract a little more rainfall from the atmosphere than the surrounding desert plains and salt pans to the west, north and east. Rainfall is low, although much higher than the surrounding plains, annual rainfall is only 300-375mm ( 12 -15ins ) per annum. Most of this comes with either winter cold fronts especially in the south, or summer thunderstorms. Summer daytime temperatures are hot, even with the altitude of the ranges, average range is 30 -38C ( 86 -100F ), many hotter days occur. Winter daytime temperatures are cool to mild at 13 -18C ( 55 - 64F ). Cooler periods may follow after very strong SW fronts. Frost is common on the flat areas between ranges in winter.

HINCHBROOK ISLAND: Includes the Hinchinbrook Island & the Coral Sea kayaking trip. We paddle during the coolest & calmest part of the year. The months of May through to November are generally cooler, less humid and well outside the cyclone season that North Queensland experiences during the summer months. The warmer waters of the summer season bring with it marine stingers and hence the winter months prove ideal for paddling. The dry-season climate is typified by gusty south-easterly trade winds. When paddling it is usually cool and windy (tail winds and moderate following seas) and rain is not unusual. On occasion the winds may be strong and/or seas too rough, requiring a layover day waiting for better conditions. Generally you will experience a mild climate with cool nights. Sunny days can be quite hot with a reflective glare from the water. A typical winter day could vary between a low of 15-20 degrees to a high of 28-33 degrees Celsius. The combination of wind and rain can drop the temperature, so it is advisable to bring a lightweight windproof jacket.

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