Morocco Twin Peaks Challenge

Morocco Twin Peaks Challenge: London Hikers UK

"Fantastic trip with wonderful people. We were extremely lucky to be herded by the nicest mountain guide in the region, who walked us up and down both mountains in very steady fashion. A stellar trip. I'm missing mountains already!"

"Very well organised, challenging but very rewarding; fantastic people and a charming guide; thank you!"

"Thanks to wonderful guide Muhammad, Omars, Hassans, and finally to an amazing group of friends which made this experience an unforgettable one by all means!"

"The best group, the best guide, the most fun. Thanks guys. Had an awesome time!"

"What a brilliant experience. A great trek leader and brilliant people to share this adventure with, thanks to to all."

"An unforgettable experience!! Could not have been better. A huge THANKS to everyone involved!!!"

The London Hikers Group | Wimbledon UK



Take an adventure holiday to MOROCCO with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

About Morocco

Morocco is bordered in the east and south east by Algeria and to the north, Morocco is bordered by and controls part of the Strait of Gibraltar. The Rif Mountains occupy the region bordering the Mediterranean from the north-west to the north-east and the Atlas Mountains run down the backbone of the country, from the south west to the north east. The area of the south east is mostly in the Sahara Desert and is mostly unpopulated with most of the population living to the north of the mountain ranges. To the south lies the Western Sahara.

Adventure Travel in Morocco

There are few places in the world that offer such a superb mix of the exotic with the sophistication and style of European like Morocco. Our Morocco journeys and treks in Morocco follow trails through Berber villages to alpine pastures set beneath the impressive backdrop of the High Atlas, explore the delightful seaside town of Essaouira, discover Morocco's imperial cities, appreciate the rich cultural traditions of music, dance and arts and walk through the colourful markets and renowned mediaeval medina of Fes.

Climbing to the summit of North Africa's highest peak on a Mt Toubkal trek is a wonderful experience that will afford you views across the Sahara on a clear day.

Join us on a quality adventure travel experience to Morocco.

Featured Adventures

Cycle the High Atlas

Explore the High Atlas Mountains by bike
8 days |

Essaouira Sojourn

Explore Morocco's fascinating whitewashed fishing port of Essaouira on the Atlantic coast
3 days |

High Atlas Trek

Combine a visit to the medinas and ancient palaces of Marrakesh with a trek through Berber villages in the High Atlas Mountains and an ascent of Mt Toubkal
11 days |
Reviews 3

Historic Cities of Morocco

A '"snapshot" of the main historical cities of Morocco including Fes, Rabat, Meknes and Marrakesh
8 days |

Morocco Adventure

The blend of great imperial cities, medina's filled with spice stalls and vast desert landscapes complements a trek in the High Atlas Mountains with a touch of the exotic on this journey through the cultural heart of Morocco
18 days |
Reviews 3

Morocco Explorer

Explore imperial cities, witness sunrise over the Sahara desert and traverse the Middle Atlas mountains, absorbing the richness of Morocco's history and culture.
11 days |

Morocco Family Adventure

Discover the best Morocco has to offer a family with plenty of local interaction on this adventure
12 days |

Mount Toubkal Ascent

Climb North Africa's highest peak Mt Toubkal (4167m) for magnificent panoramic views from the summit
6 days |
Reviews 1
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The Weather in Morocco

Morocco's climate varies according to altitude and location. Coastal areas experience a Mediterranean climate tempered by winds from the southwest. At low altitudes, summers tend to be humid and warm.In the Alpine regions the summers are warm and dry with winters being extremely cold. Snow is not unusual at high altitude. Average temperatures range from 28-35 degrees in the summer.

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