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Antarctica was truly amazing.... Once we hit the Peninsula we had the 2 most amazing days, blue skies, ice, wild life, scenery. Absolutly stunning! The ship was great, good facilities. The crew was absolutly fantastic. Very approachable & informative. It was a very family like atmosphare. The food was delicious and plentyful. And the scenery & wild!

Bert Lozey | WA



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Antarctica Travel

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Although Antarctica is mostly uninhabited and is known to be the coldest, windiest, and driest continent on earth - not to mention that during summer it receives more solar radiation than is received at the Equator in an equivalent period – it is also one of the planets most desired destinations. It wasn’t until 1840 that the pristine remote wilderness area of Antarctica was established as indeed a continent and not just a group of islands.

Antarctica through the eyes of videographer & photographer Peter Walton

Adventures In Antarctica

World Expeditions runs ten adventures to the Antarctic Region, most commence with an ocean cruise from Ushuaia in South America. Choose from a tour that focuses on the wildlife, the historical aspects of the area, or take a trip with activities for divers, climbers or photographers. View Antarctic Tours Here.

Antarctica – Ross Sea Adventure

Only the truly adventurous should apply to join this exploratory cruise to Deep Antarctica. Antarctica's Ross Sea coast offers spectacular scenery, prolific wildlife and an introduction to the Golden Age of Exploration. You will cruise amongst massive icebergs as they break away from the Ross Ice Shelf.

About Antarctica Travel

Antarctica is the world’s fifth-largest continent, following Asia, Africa, North America, and South America, but larger than Australia and the subcontinent of Europe. It has a total land area of 14 million sq km (280,000 sq km ice-free, 13.72 million sq km ice-covered). With average elevations between 2,000 and 4,000 meters and mountain ranges up to nearly 5,000 meters, Antarctica also hold the record as the highest continent on earth.

It is the Antarctic Peninsula with the most moderate climate that attracts most visitors. The abundance of wildlife around this area, including whales, various species of seal and bird life (in particular penguins) and the beautiful iceberg formations that make Antarctica one of the hottest destinations.

Featured Adventures

Across the Antarctic Circle

A spectacular voyage across the Antarctic Circle
11 days |

Across the Circle

A spectacular voyage across the Antarctic Circle.
11 days |

Antarctic Adventure

We follow in the footsteps of those great heroes of Antarctic history as we set sail from the tip of South America to explore the Antarctic Peninsula
11 days |

Antarctic Encounter

A wonderous voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula
10 days |

Antarctic Highlights

Cruise to the magnificent South Shetland Islands & the Antarctic Peninsula aboard the comfortable research vessel, the MV Ushuaia. Accompanied by an expert crew and experienced naturalists you will fully appreciate this unique region whilst receiving great value for money.
11 days |
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Antarctic Peninsula - In search of Whales

A wonderous voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula with a focus on whale watching
10 days |

Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia

Cruise the Antarctic Peninsula and explore the majestic beauty of South Georgia
19 days |

Antarctic Peninsula Basecamp

Spectacular voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula with a floating 'basecamp' for our varied activities
12 days |

Antarctic Peninsula Basecamp Adventure

Spectacular voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula with a floating 'basecamp' for our varied activities
11 days |

Antarctic Peninsula Christmas Voyage

This hauntingly beautiful part of Antarctica on this unsurpassed voyage provides a haven for the greatest concentration of wildlife on the continent.
11 days |
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