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Bhutan High Trails

Just wanted to let you know we had a fantastic trip and it all worked out great. Our guide was absolutely invaluable and could not recommend him highly enough. He had a great talent for helping quietly and making sure everyone is right without making a big deal. He certainly had our respect as a leader and advisor but was also just a pleasure to travel with and getting to know him a delight. He is by far the best guide we have ever had and in the future we would actually look for trips that he was leading as we had that much respect for his quiet but competent ways.

P.A | Australia

Experience the Great Wall of China


With the recent release of the largest film ever shot entirely in China, here are the three most thrilling options for experiencing the iconic landmark, the Great Wall. From sampling Chinese cuisine to staying in converted military barracks, these itineraries pack in all the adventure and more of a punch than a mercenary Matt Damon fending off an army of monsters.

 Great Wall Trek

Camp in the fields of local villagers for secluded views

Most operators go for the much busier, restored sections of the Old Wall, and opt to stay in out-of-the-way lodges without a view. World Expeditions’ innovative itinerary takes travellers to a remote, un-crowded section of the Great Wall outside Beijing, in Hebei Province, where groups get to stay in local villagers’ fields on carefully chosen locations offering spectacular views of the Wall in fading and rising sunlight. Travellers will have the opportunity to explore the Great Wall by trekking between villages and camping in comfort in exclusive locations.
> GREAT WALL TREK (8 days) departs May-October


Dragons Head Great Wall China


Mix it up at the “Dragon’s Head"

From ‘The Dragon’s Head’, where the Great Wall begins on the shore of the Bohei Sea, this ‘hike and bike’ adventure takes travellers out to sections that have remained untouched and unrestored. Trekking along the body of the ‘dragon’ on the mountain ridges allows a first-hand perspective of the strategy behind the Wall’s construction not to mention the opportunity to stay in restored ‘quans’, military barracks that have been repurposed as guest houses.
> HIKE AND BIKE THE UNTAMED GREAT WALL (8 days) departs monthly year round 


Women's Adventures - China Great Wall 

Join women on an adventure

With the increasing number of women participating in active adventures, World Expeditions introduced this year a new itinerary along the Great Wall of China. Trek between villages and see the quiet sections of the Wall, interact with the local people and sample Chinese cuisine all in the comfort of a group of likeminded women. The Women’s Adventures will be fully guided and supported and, wherever possible, will be led by a female local guide.
> NEW! WOMEN'S GREAT WALL TREK (8 days) launches 8 May

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