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Everest Anniversary Trek

The dinner and celebrations at Thyangboche Monastery were outstanding. Manoj, our tour leader, was fabulous - World Expeditions are lucky to have a man of his calibre and knowledge working for them. Thanks and commendations to all!

B Ross | Queensland, Australia

Visiting the Fabled Silk Road


Following the fabled ancient trading route from its source in China through an ever-changing landscape to the heart of Central Asia, the Silk Road is widely considered as one of the most epic journeys on Earth. Ethnically, culturally and geographically, this is one of the most diverse – and enticing – parts of the world, appealing particularly to the discerning traveller who yearns for a rewarding, experience rich journey.

Journey to Samarakand via Kashgar

27 days | Follow the ancient silk route from its source in Xian, China, through an ever-changing landscape to the fabled city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan. From the remarkable Terracotta Warriors and Tibetan monasteries to the serene ‘Heaven Lake’ and Kashgar’s famous Sunday markets, this historical itinerary crosses into Central Asia and steps into tree-lined streets, walled cities and palaces with impressive domes and minarets. 

Turpan, China

China Silk Road

17 Days | Camel caravans, colourful bazaars, richly woven carpets and exotic spices… Follow the ancient trading route of the Silk Road through China. Joining in Beijing, you will visit the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace before travelling to Xian to view the impressive Terracotta Warriors. Marvel at the enormous Buddhist monastery of Labrang (the largest outside of the Potala Palace in Lhasa), appreciate the magnificent Buddhist grottos of Magao, and skirt the Gobi Desert on an overnight train to the oasis town of Turpan. After exploring the beautiful Heavenly Lake you will fly on to the frenetic market town of Kashgar, where this inspiring journey of cultural contrasts concludes.

Caravanserai in Bukhara

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

15 Days | Crossing two of the most underrated tourism destinations of the continent, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the trip combines some of the iconic highlights of the famed Silk Road with visits to a number of sites that were either conquered by or associated with the famous Greek military leader, such as Nautaka (where Alexander the Great passed two winters planning his campaign to India) and Khujand (originally named ‘Alexandria the Furthest’, the Greek settlers’ bastion against the region’s nomadic tribes).

Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan by Bike

15 Days | Joining in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s bustling capital, cross at handle bar level this friendly land of contrasting desert and mountain landscapes. Explore an ancient maze of mud-walled homes, mosques and stone bazaars in Bukhara, admire the grace of the blue-tiled Registan in Samarkand, discover the traditional way of life of the local people in the Nurata Mountains, visit Stone and Bronze Age petroglyphs – all while spending nights in tents and relaxing under a dome of stars!


We were delighted to hear that full-time global nomads Larissa & Michael Milne picked this epic journey for their travel wish list. With more than 50 countries under their belts, they are well-informed about the journey that retraces the steps taken by explorers, traders and migrants of the past. Ready to follow the footsteps of camel caravans?

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