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Magara Primary School Project

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the recent trip to the Magara secondary school project in Tanzania and how wonderful the World Expeditions staff were. Our guide was a fantastic source of information and really helped us a great deal but also allowed us a lot of freedom to work things out for ourselves. The group was great and we hope to keep in contact as much as possible. The staff at the secondary school and the students were memorable and I wish them all the best and also to the people who attend the project next year.

Lea Smith | Victoria, Australia

Our Favourite Aussie Walks


For anyone keen on exploring Australia’s stunningly diverse landscape, nothing beats the feeling of trekking. While many start with our Larapinta Trek, there are plenty of other sublime walks that will get you back out enjoying this magical country of ours. 

Every year our range increases and is enhanced with new features, and we think you will love our 2017 lineup! We've listed 5 of our favourites to help get you started!


Tasmania: The Overland Track

Length: 6 days, 70kms

The Details:  The Overland Track is one of the greatest walking trails in Australia. This classic trek is a complete adventure experience every hiker should undertake.

This 6 day full pack trek explores the true pristine wilderness of Australia, passing through deep forests, sub‑alpine plateaus, high peaks and spectacular highland landscapes. Winding your way along a graded trail through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, you’ll encounter breathtaking views, from the stunning crags of Cradle Mountain to the rainforest-clad shores of Lake St. Clair. Your guides are passionate, experienced, trained in first aid and will bring the famous track to life as they share their local knowledge and enthusiasm for this special part of the Tasmanian wilderness.  

Don’t take our word for it!
"I have just completed the 6 day trek, a holiday of a lifetime. I feel like it truly changed my outlook of life. I have a new sense of respect for our environment and high level of appreciation of the flora and fauna. I can truly see why it is heritage listed and why people say it is so beautiful. I have made wonderful and hilarious friends that I hope to keep for a lifetime. Our guides Nick and Darren were phenomenal, from their knowledge of the history about Tasmania to their cooking and company - I honestly couldn't fault one thing. They were extremely patient with the first time whingy back at the pack types (aka me). Thank you SO much!" B. Nelson

 Cape To Cape

Australia: Cape to Cape Track Walk

 Length: 8 days, 135kms

The Details: Want a walk that will really make your trekking buddies green with envy? The Cape to Cape Track in Western Australia explores the magnificent Southwest coast over eight days – taking in diverse landscapes including windswept limestone cliffs, pristine white sandy beaches, coastal heath as well as ancient granite cliff lines. This challenging walk has some steep sections, however the opportunity to swim in the ocean and lagoons will make it all worthwhile! Combined with the comfortable lodge style accommodation and homemade food, this trek has been rated as one of Australia’s best by previous walkers!

South Coast Track

Tasmania: South Coast Track

Length: 9 days, 85kms

The Details: What do you get when you combine 9 days, 85 kms and unspoiled wilderness on Tasmania’s southernmost shores? The South Coast Track – one of Tasmania’s finest long distance walks. Trek the untouched beaches, mountains ranges, wild rivers and towering rainforests, where wildlife is aplenty; wombats, quolls and even the orange-bellied parrot, one of the world's rarest bird species inhabit the area! You can expect to walk 10-15 kms a day, carrying a full pack that weighs up to 20kg, spending your evenings camping under the stars, far from the city lights and noises of home. Following in the footsteps of early indigenous Australians and ancient seafarers - the South Coast Track was built as an escape route for shipwreck survivors –you’ll finish the trek with a newfound appreciation for Tasmania’s World Heritage-listed Southwest National Park.

Don’t take our word for it!
"I highly recommend doing the South Coast Track. The coastal and mountain scenery is great. The walk itself is so varied with plenty of challenges to break up the walking day eg mud, water crossings, beach and rock walking. The leaders- Paul, Will and Vincent, through their planning, hard work and care made the trip feel comfortable, relaxed and so much fun. Their passion for hiking and exploring the natural environment was infectious. I think the entire group would agree that the hike left its mark on us, in terms of amazing memories that we are revisiting often, new friendships, and a thirst for the next adventure." A. McCormick

Heysen Trail

Australia: Heysen Trail and Flinders Ranges

Length: 6 days, 85kms

The Details: While the official Heysen Trail spans over 1,200 kms and takes between 50-60 days, not many of us have the luxury of taking two months off to go trekking. Which is why the Heysen Trail and Flinders Ranges is a pretty close second best! This guided and supported trekking adventure explores the best sections of the famous Heysen Trail in South Australia's Flinders Ranges, home to some of the most stunning landscapes in Australia. Amble past rolling ranges of majestic peaks and rugged ridges which combine exceptional views with achievable challenges. Best of all? The walk stays in a variety of comfortable accommodation, ranging from sheep station cottages to cosy hotels full of charm and character!

Don’t take our word for it!
"This was a fantastic trip. Wilpena Pound, St Mary Peak and the Geological Time Trail - all incredible. Also seeing the yellow-footed rock-wallabies and the wedge-tailed eagles up close! Our guides Wes and Andrea were exceptional. They made the trip, with all their incredible knowledge of the area and the care they took of everyone. They catered for our needs and went out of their way to help in any way. I would recommend travelling with World Expeditions to anyone." J. Germany 

Ormiston Gorge Larapinta Trail

Australia: Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort

Length: 6 days

The Details: The Larapinta Trail is one of the finest walks in Australia. Walking the high ridgelines of the West MacDonnell Ranges we gain a rare perspective of vast flood plains, the razorback rocky outcrops and sheer scale of this ancient land. World Expeditions operates many different options on the Larapinta Trail.

Choose any of these adventures for an unequalled outback trekking experience.

- Best of the Larapinta Trail (9 days)

- Larapinta End to End (14 days)

- Art Expedition Larapinta (6 days)

- Larapinta Self Guided Trek (3, 6, 9 & 12 days)

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