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Beijing to Lhasa

My wife and I have recently returned from travelling which incorporated in late April the Beijing to Lhasa journey organised by World expeditions.

For the Beijing to Xian sector we were guided by Qui Ming who we called Milly.

I would like to record what a pleasure it was to have Milly as our guide.

We have travelled extensively in the past and had many guides. Milly stands out as the one we will remember for the exceptional way she looked after our group.

Milly's knowledge, and her ability to explain things, could not have been better. In fact she had so much she could tell us that there was never a moment when she wasn't being asked a question.

She chose where we dined, and ordered for us, after ascertaining what people liked or disliked and we were never disappointed. The restaurants were usually local, not tourist only places, and we appreciated that.

When we had time to ourselves she enquired if there were things we specially wanted to do and made sure we knew how to get there and back and what to expect. On one occasion when all in the group wanted to visit a Houtong she arranged it and came with us in what should have been her time away from us.

We were a group ranging in age from about 40 to 70. She appreciated that, at times, some were getting physically tired and she would vary what we doing to accommodate that.

Above all I will remember with pleasure her sense of humour, her always cheerful demeanour and the extra things she did for us beyond what is not normally expected.

Milly is an exceptional guide and I would recommend her to anyone going to China.

Michael & Kay Alexander | New Zealand

Chasing Ice


Recently released in North America, the award-winning film ‘Chasing Ice’ traces the journey of acclaimed National Geographic photographer James Balog as he crosses the Arctic and deploys time-lapse cameras designed for one purpose: to capture a multi-year record of the world's changing glaciers. See the film and experience the pristine wilderness of the Arctic and Antarctic first-hand with World Expeditions. We've got 40+ cruises for you to choose from and here's a round-up of our top 5...

1. Norwegian Fjords & Arctic Circle: Cruise through the Scottish Isles, along the Norwegian Fjords and the wildlife-rich island of Spitsbergen. From the remote Orkney and Shetland Islands, continue along Norway’s spectacular coastline to explore an intricate maze of rarely visited inlets and outer islands before crossing the Arctic Circle and sailing to the Lofoten Archipelago, catching glimpses of Polar Bears and Beluga Whales. Book Now Polar Bear
2. Antarctica - Ross Sea: A true voyage of discovery, tracing the voyages of early explorers and their legendary expeditions, with abundant wildlife encounters including penguin rookeries and whale sightings. Stop at the research bases of Ross Island, follow the fringe of the pack ice through the Amundsen Sea and, weather-permitting, step back in time to visit the huts of famed British explorers Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott. Book Now  Shackleton's Hut
3. Russian Arctic & Far East:  Rugged and off-the-beaten-track, this is a region that was until recently "off limits" to western visitors. Truly a land that time forgot, it lies mostly north of the Arctic Circle. The native Chukchi people (predominantly reindeer herders) have adapted to this extremely harsh environment, while many migratory bird species come here to breed during the brief Arctic summer. Book Now  Russian Arctic
4. Canadian Arctic Sail in the wake of Arctic explorers Ross, Franklin, Parry, and Amundsen from Devon Island and Grise Fiord, to the ice-filled wonderland of Smith Sound and Davis Strait. Then, drop anchor in Greenland where 80% of the land mass is cloaked in ice and glaciers, studded with dramatic dramatic peaks, and its coastline necklaced with jagged fjords. Book Now  Fur Seal
5. Antarctic Peninsula:  Explore the White Continent the active way - kayaking, snowshoeing, climbing and cruising. There's  the option to camp on the ice, although those who prefer a more relaxed journey can utilise the ship’s fleet of zodiacs. There is no shortage of photo opportunities, with workshops organised to ensure you capture the stunning natural beauty of this ice-bound land. Book Now  Antarctic
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