Best of the West

I recently had the pleasure of doing the "Best of the West" through World Expeditions/ATW. I must commend to you the most excellent experience we had with our tour leader. He was exceptional in his attention to detail, his knowledge, his sense of humour and his thorough professionalism. Well done and thanks for a truely marvellous trip.

E.C | Australia

Northeast Passage: The Northern Sea Route

Russia controls one of the greatest seaways in the world. Whilst in Russia it is known as the Northern Sea Route, the rest of the world usually refer to it as the Northeast Passage. Only a handful of expedition vessels have ever transited this seaway, but recent changes in the summer sea ice conditions mean this historic and fascinating sea route is now accessible to a few suitably constructed expedition vessels. The indigenous peoples of the north coast of Siberia were undoubtedly familiar with sections of this seaway but it wasn't until 1878-1880 that Swedish explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiold completed the first ever transit. Earlier attempts to find a route in the 16th century had been thwarted by either ice or politics or both. Our epic journey will commence from Murmansk in Russia, following the route east towards Anadyr. Along the way we will attempt landings at Franz Josef Land, the Severnaya Zemyla archipelago and the High Arctic Russian Nature Reserve on Wrangel Island, as well as many other rarely visited sites.

Brief Itinerary

DAY 1 Arrive Murmansk board the Akademik Shokalskiy
DAYS 2/3 Sail the Barents Sea
DAYS 4/6 Franz Josef Land
DAYS 7/8 Kara Sea
DAYS 9/11 Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago
DAYS 12/13 Crossing the Laptev Sea
DAYS 14/16 Noviye Sebirskiye (New Siberian Islands)
DAY 17 East Siberian Sea
DAY 18 Medvezhyi Islands
DAY 19 Ayon Island & village
DAY 20 East Siberian Sea
DAYS 21/23 Explore the High Arctic Russian Nature reserve of Wrangel Island
DAY 24 Kolyuchin Island
DAY 25 Cape Dezhnev and Uelen Village
DAY 26 Yttygran Island
DAY 27 At sea
DAY 28 Disembark Anadyr where trip concludes

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