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Once again, I had a fabulous holiday with you and was impressed by all aspects of your organisation. Guides were awesome and food was fantastic. Thanks for a memorable trip.

J Danaher | WA

Irrawaddy River Cruise

A voyage along the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar is a journey like no other. Our luxury cruise explores this picturesque region at a wonderful pace with the fascinating life of the river unfolding as we journey upstream. There is much to do and see, with numerous shore landings to explore the Irrawaddy valley, home to two millennia of Buddhist art, architecture and archaeology, including the unforgettable monuments at Bagan. From the vibrant colonial city of Mandalay to the former centre of the Pyu civilization at Thiri-ya-kittiya, we will be enthralled by our guides' knowledge and passion for their country as they share it with us. Travelling by boat allows us to access breathtaking natural and cultural wonders few have the opportunity to visit. Our vessel is perfectly suited to this river, able to navigate the bends and shallows with ease and providing a luxurious base for our adventure. We will explore monasteries on the river's edge, pagodas, ancient shrines, forts, bustling markets and enjoy the warmth of the local people, gaining an insight into their life along the river; little changed for centuries.

Brief Itinerary

DAY 1 Join Yangon, transfer to Prome and the archaeological site of Thiri-ya-kittiya
DAY 2 Thayetmyo Frontier Post
DAY 3 Minhla Forts and Magwe
DAY 4 Sale Monasteries
DAY 5 Bagan
DAY 6 Bagan Monuments
DAY 7 Yandabo
DAY 8 Mandalay and Amarapura
DAY 9 Mingun Pagoda and Bell
DAY 10 Kyaung-Myoung potteries and Khan-Nyat Village
DAY 11 Tagung ancient city and Tigyang Hill
DAY 12 Colonial town of Katha
DAY 13 The Second Defile, the largest of the Irrawaddy Gorges
DAY 14 Downstream
DAY 15 Disembark in Mandalay, trip concludes

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