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Mongolia Panorama

Our experiences with Tim Cope in Mongolia are just the stuff of dreams.
The trip was absolutely superb and having Tim as our guide was such an amazing bonus!

Your local operators there are excellent. Nothing was too much trouble. Everything went superbly well. The drivers were unrivalled. They multi-tasked as butchers, professional singers and entertainers.

I cannot praise the whole team enough..... It was a dream come true: to ride in the wake of Genghis Khan, on a Mongolian horse, wrapped in a deel!

Thank you so much for organising such a magnificent trip!

Maria Visconti | Sydney, Australia

Email a Friend - Mongolia Five Gods River and Trek Expedition with Tim Cope

Mongolia Five Gods River and Trek Expedition with Tim Cope

A trek among glacier-clad peaks on nomad trails supported by herdsmen with their camels and horses, followed by a canoe voyage down the Khovd River will offer unparalleled experience of both the diverse landscapes of Western Mongolia and its nomadic heritage. The region is not only home to Mongolia's highest peak, Tavan Bogd (meaning 'Five Gods' it reaches 4,374m), but a diversity of nomad cultures including Tuvans, Kazakhs, Uriankhai and Oirat Mongolian tribes. Ancient burial mounds, Turkic stones, and petroglyphs found dotted throughout the valleys and slopes of the Khovd River basin remind visitors of the remarkable continuity of horseback, nomadic life that has been unbroken here for at least 5,000 years. The Khovd River, which originates in the highest peaks and glaciers of Tavan Bogd and flows 516 kilometres into the lakes and wetlands of the Great Lakes Depression, will be the guide for much of the journey - weaving, meandering, and sometimes tumbling its way from glacier-fed rapids across alpine lakes, through forests and steppe, and gorges that cut deep into rugged semi-deserts. At this time of year as summer crosses into autumn, nomads migrate down from the mountains to the banks of the Khovd River giving us the opportunity to experience their daily realities and understand the intricate nature of their migratory cycle.Tim, who rode a horse for three and a half years from Mongolia to Hungary across the great Eurasian Steppe and wrote the bestselling book On The Trail Of Genghis Khan, is passionate about adventure as a vehicle for understanding landscape, culture and history. In 2015 Tim was given the Mongolian Tourism Excellency Award, and was made the international ambassador for Mongolian tourism in recognition of his work to celebrate and promote Mongolian nomadic culture. A veteran of multiple adventures and recipient of the Australian Geographic 'Adventurer of the Year' award, he has also been working with World Expeditions as a guide for nearly a decade. To find out more about Tim's work and adventures go to

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