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Annapurna Trek

This was my second time to Nepal with World Expeditions and previously trekked to Mardi Himal Base Camp. This trip I saw it through my fiancé’s eyes and it gave me such joy to see her so engaged with the culture and natural beauty of Nepal. From being a little apprehensive she has, through the whole WE and Nepalese experience, been converted to an adventure traveller. Ramesh and the team made us feel so special at Christmas and baked all of us a cake for Christmas Eve. A Christmas filled with so much joy and spirit – very special indeed.

I have already started to look at the latest brochure and planning future treks and have been reading with interest about the work you have been undertaking on the camp sites in the Everest region. Congratulations on such a great initiative. As the Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability for one of Australia’s largest property groups (DEXUS Property Group) I take a keen interest in the work that you do in this area.

Michael Lane | Sydney NSW

Carbon Credit FAQs

What is a carbon credit?

One carbon credit represents 1 tonne of CO2 that has been prevented from entering the atmosphere and causing climate change, e.g. through the use of renewable energy in place of fossil fuel. The carbon credits from the international renewable energy projects that World Expeditions supports are an internationally recognised measure of how much greenhouse gas reduction those renewable energy projects are creating.

Why have we aligned with Climate Friendly?

Since 2003 Climate Friendly has been helping its customers offset emissions from business, home, travel and other activities. Climate Friendly is a 'profit for purpose' company and provides innovative, highest quality carbon management solutions to businesses and individuals globally. Climate Friendly makes it quick and easy to take immediate, meaningful action on climate change by supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that effectively stop carbon emissions.

The integrity and quality of Climate Friendly’s service has attracted a host of progressive companies, government bodies and leading environment groups from all across the world, including WWF internationally and The Body Shop.

Climate Friendly supports renewable energy projects like wind and small scale hydro electricity that directly address the root cause of global warming through replacing fossil fuels with clean energy production. So we are assured that when we offset our emissions that we’re going a step beyond cancelling our emissions – we’re accelerating the transition to a clean energy future and contributing to the long-term solutions of climate change.


If my country has a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme, will my action still help? 

Yes, it most certainly will. Voluntary action builds on and goes beyond the very modest emission reduction targets set under national carbon management programs. For example the Australian governments climate change policies aim to reduce national emissions by a mere 5%. Far more than this is needed in order to effectively combat climate change. Any additional action that you take to voluntarily reduce and/or offset your emissions will be a valuable contribution to this enormous challenge.


Why this helps the clean energy industry?

Renewable energy currently costs more to produce than burning fossil fuels. The extra income renewable generators earn from selling carbon credits is the key factor that helps make renewable energy sources economically viable so that we can make the urgent transition from unsustainable polluting energy to clean sources. This is necessary to address climate change.



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