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Annapurna and Tilicho Lake

What a fantastic trip! Really really great, what an adventure and what a fantastic team we had looking after us! There was never any doubt that we were save and more than well cared for. I was absolutely amazed at how easy and little fuss was made over my dietary requirements. They were reconfirmed at the beginning and that was the last I heard of it, it was all sorted. I have stayed in 5 star hotels in the past where ensuring my food was wheat and dairy free was a big hassle, yet your team managed to make it entirely easy and hassle free despite being in the back of beyond - I honestly can not praise them high enough.

Friederike Welter | United Kingdom

Offset Your Air Travel

Offset Your Air Travel

By choosing to travel with World Expeditions you are choosing to travel responsibly ... it is at the heart of what we do, and it is our goal to support you and make it simple for you to travel this way.

Because of that, we offer you the choice to offset the carbon emissions from your air travel. 

The carbon offsets we purchase on your behalf are sourced by Climate Friendly, an utterly reputable carbon management company based in Sydney Australia.  They have rigorous quality assurance processes and support only the best, most effective projects that prevent carbon emissions being generated.

You have the choice of offsetting 1 tonne of carbon, choosing a dollar figure to spend on it or choosing a volume of carbon to offset. One tonne (approx. $AUD17.00) will be added to your invoice, but you are welcome to remove it if you would prefer.

The projects World Expeditions is currently supporting with this program are:

CHINA: VCS Hebei Kangbao Sanxiatian Wind Farm Project

INDIA: VCS Tamil Nadu Wind Farm Project

CAMBODIA: VCS Fuel-wood Saving Cookstove Project

BRAZIL: VCS Ceramica Irmaos Fredi Fuel Switch

If you are committed to environmentally responsible travel , like we are at World Expeditions, we strongly encourage you to mitigate the carbon impact of your flights.

Read our FAQs to find out more about our Carbon Offset Program

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Fred Hollows Foundation
Porter Protect
The Himalayan Trust UK