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What a wonderful time we had on our trip! It was so well organised...from all World Expeditions' help at the planning stage to the actual trip itself. In particular, we absolutely loved the trekking and that was largely due to our fantastic guide Norboo. He was so focused on our having a great experience...from the food (our requests were always fufilled) to our comfort on the trek, and our safety.

Michelle | New South Wales



Take an adventure holiday in GUYANA with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

Guyana is a relatively unknown adventure hotspot but it is the ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking an immersive adventure that few travellers experience. The rugged landscape is quite Amazonian, boasting dense rainforest and numerous rivers. Guyana borders Suriname, Brazil and Venezuela.

RIVERS & RAINFORESTS: Trek through ancient unspoiled jungles, revelling in their natural beauty. Witness the pounding water falling from Guyana’s Kaieteur Falls, the highest single drop water fall in the world. Seen by only a handful of visitors each year, Kaieteur Falls (251m high) is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world.

COASTLINE: Over 90% of the population lives along the coastal areas. Our adventure to this unexplored country begins in the colonial capital city of Georgetown, nestled along the 459 km of coastline.  Shell Beach (Almond Beach) on the Essequibo Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it is a 90 mile long beach of sea shells, which is the nesting ground for four species of marine turtles (Green Turtle, Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Hawksbill).

EXPERIENCE: This English-speaking country is a hidden gem in South America waiting to be discovered on our Guyana – Overland to Kaieteur Falls walking adventure. It contains an irresistible combination of natural beauty, impressive waterfalls, remarkable wildlife, rich heritage and the most hospitable and friendly people in the world.

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Guyana - Overland to Kaieteur Falls

Journey overland through unspoiled rainforests and meet locals for an immersive adventure that few travellers experience
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The Weather in Guyana

Guyana is situated near the equator and therefore has a tropical climate with temperatures relatively stable throughout the year, ranging from 32°C to 23°C.  

The heat and humidity is relieved each afternoon as sea breezes blow in from the coast.  

There are two wet seasons, from December to early February and from late April to mid August. The days are usually clear and sunny with most rainfall generally falling as afternoon showers.

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