Beijing to Lhasa

My wife and I have recently returned from travelling which incorporated in late April the Beijing to Lhasa journey organised by World expeditions.

For the Beijing to Xian sector we were guided by Qui Ming who we called Milly.

I would like to record what a pleasure it was to have Milly as our guide.

We have travelled extensively in the past and had many guides. Milly stands out as the one we will remember for the exceptional way she looked after our group.

Milly's knowledge, and her ability to explain things, could not have been better. In fact she had so much she could tell us that there was never a moment when she wasn't being asked a question.

She chose where we dined, and ordered for us, after ascertaining what people liked or disliked and we were never disappointed. The restaurants were usually local, not tourist only places, and we appreciated that.

When we had time to ourselves she enquired if there were things we specially wanted to do and made sure we knew how to get there and back and what to expect. On one occasion when all in the group wanted to visit a Houtong she arranged it and came with us in what should have been her time away from us.

We were a group ranging in age from about 40 to 70. She appreciated that, at times, some were getting physically tired and she would vary what we doing to accommodate that.

Above all I will remember with pleasure her sense of humour, her always cheerful demeanour and the extra things she did for us beyond what is not normally expected.

Milly is an exceptional guide and I would recommend her to anyone going to China.

Michael & Kay Alexander | New Zealand

Myanmar Burma

Myanmar Burma

Myanmar (Burma)

Also known as Burma, Myanmar is a South East Asian nation bound by Tibet in the north, by Laos, China and Thailand in the east, on the south by the Bay of Bengal and to the west by India and Bangladesh. The Irrawaddy River is the country's most dominant natural feature as well as a string of mountains in the north which rise as high as 5967 metres, with Hkakabo Razi being the highest peak in South East Asia.

Myanmar has a distinct culture with influences from its diverse ethnic make-up, Buddhism, British colonialism and being a key historical trade route between China, Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Much of its indigenous culture is still evidenced today with its ethnic minorities and hill tribes, particularly in the remote mountainous regions lining its international borders. The country's name has progressed from Burma, which is linked to just one of the ethnic groups, to Myanmar to satisfy and all encompassing title. There are 135 different ethnic groups that make up the population. Buddhism strongly influences daily life and this is demonstrated by the number of pagodas and monasteries strewn throughout the country. The people are known for their friendliness and hospitality. The language spoken is predominantly Myanmar (Bamar) while ethnic minorities speak Chin, Kachin, Kayin, Shan and another 135 hill-tribe dialects. Being once a British colony English is also widely spoken.

Myanmar's history began with three empires but during the 3rd empire was unified into one. The three great kings who ruled the original empires are well-known in Myanmar history for their bravery and leadership. In 1885, King Thibaw, Queen Supaya Latt and the royal family were taken to Ratanagiri in India and Myanmar fell under the British Rule.  The country remained under the British Rule until 1948. The military has dominated government since General Ne Win led a coup in 1962 which toppled the civilian government to form a socialist structure. From the beginning the people were against the military rule. In 1990, the government held free elections which were won by Aung San Suu Kyi and her party The National League for Democracy, yet the ruling party refused to step down. Her struggle has continued for over a decade leading to long periods of house arrest, but in November 2010 Aung San Suu Kyi was released and spoke out about the importance of tourism to the country's future.

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The Weather in Myanmar Burma

Most of Myanmar lies with the Tropic Zone. The hot season extends from March until October, and the cool season, from November through to February. Temperatures during these seasons range from 17° to 40° C (62° to 104° F) in lower Myanmar. Temperatures in upper Myanmar are usually less and mountainous regions can at times be cold. The country receives pratically all its yearly rainfall between mid-May and October, the period of the Southwest Monsoon.

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