South American Adventure

Thanks for a marvelously organised trip. We're sure we can speak for all our group about the fantastic time we had in South America. We were most impressed with your people on the ground who did everything they could to make our stay a wonderful experience. We are now looking forward to our next andventure with World Expeditions.

Chris and Tim Rounds | Victoria, Australia



Take an adventure holiday in ECUADOR with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Vibrant cultures, volcanic landscapes and dense rainforests make Ecuador one of South America's most exciting adventure destinations. The Galapagos Islands with their stark volcanic landscapes and unique wildlife are an important destination for those with an interest in evolution and natural selection. Much of these newly discovered adventure travel destinations remain untamed and largely uncharted, yet with tourism infrastructure developing quickly it is fast becoming a rewarding spot for the traveller.

See the Galapagos Islands through the eyes of Nat Geo Adventure

Galapagos Islands Exploration & Adventure

Few places in the world can rival the Galapagos Islands as a wildlife destination. This archipelago of untamed beauty is a naturalists paradise with more than 875 species of plants and 289 types of fish; but it is the uninhibited birds, sea lion, giant tortoise, land and marine iguana, fur seal, penguin and lava lizards that are the islands most compelling attractions. More On Galapagos Islands Cruises. View All of the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador Adventures.

Darwin's Galapagos Islands

For those drawn to the historical aspects of the Galapagos Islands we have an eight day hotel based adventure that puts you in touch with the unique wildlife and volcanic landscapes of Isabela Island in the enchanting Galapagos Islands. Exploring the island on foot and by kayak, you will be tracing some of Darwin’s steps where he observed the unusual reptiles and mammals that were the catalyst to his theory of natural selection. More on the Darwin's Galapagos Islands Adventure. 

About Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Ecuador is located on the north-western coast of South America, between Peru to the south and east and Colombia to the north. Ecuador also owns the famous Galapagos Islands, located approximately 1,000 kilo-meters off the coast. Ecuador covers 256,370 square kilo-meters of land and is the smallest country in South America after Uruguay and the Guianas.

Featured Adventures

Ecuador Experience

This jam-packed itinerary features many of the highlights of Ecuador and includes Quito, Otavalo, Cotopaxi estancia, Devils Nose Train, Ingapirca, Cuenca and Guayaquil.
7 days |
Reviews 1

Galapagos Islands on Beluga

Cruise the magical Galapagos Islands aboard the deluxe Beluga. Our carefully planned 8 day cruise visits the highlights of the archipelago and offers memorable wildlife encounters. Accommodating a maximum of 16 passengers, this trip will certainly provide an intimate view of the worlds most exotic islands.
8 days |
Reviews 4

Galapagos Islands on Cachalote 1

Cruise the magical Galapagos Islands aboard the charismatic yacht, Cachalote I. Accommodating just 16 passengers, this trip will certainly provide an intimate view of the worlds most exotic islands and unique wildlife.
8 days |
Reviews 3

Galapagos Islands on Eden

Cruise the Galapagos Islands for a unique view of the natural world
8 days |

Galapagos Islands on Eric, Letty or Flamingo I

Discover the magical Galapagos Islands aboard the M/Y Eric, Letty or Flamingo I. Accommodating just 20 passengers, and accompanied by an expert naturalist, this trip will offer the very best of this exotic archipelago.
8 days |
Reviews 2

Galapagos Islands on Nemo I

Raise the sails to navigate silently through one the world's natural wonders
5 days |

Galapagos Islands on San JosÚ

Discover the unique wildlife and fascinating history of the Galapagos Islands, an experience you will never forget
8 days |

Napo Lodge Experience

The ultimate eco-lodge experience in the Yasuný National Park, Amazonian Ecuador, with incredible wildlife viewing opportunities and authentic cultural experiences
4 days |
Reviews 1

Peru and the Galapagos

Explore the highlights of Peru & the Galapagos Islands
19 days |

Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos

Discover the very best of Peru and Ecuador on this well researched itinerary. Combine the magic of Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca with the markets of Otavalo, the stunning 'Avenue of the Volcanoes' and the unique wildlife on the Galapagos Archipelago.
24 days |
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The Weather in Ecuador

Ecuador has an amazing variation in weather and seasons; largely as a result of its tropical and coastal location, and geographic diversity.For climbers and trekkers however, we focus on the weather specifically in the Highland region, noting that much of our itinerary is in the Eastern Cordillera, which is more often influenced by the weather from the Amazon. November to February and June through September periods are found to be the most stable, with rain/snow or wind still possible at this time.Bad weather does not usually persist, and it is quite common to have four seasons in one day!Temperatures at both day and night time are quite moderate considering we are in an alpine environment (0 through to 20 degrees C depending on altitude).When climbing at night, the temperatures will drop below zero and rise through to extremely warm 20s if the sun comes out during our descent. On the trek we are a little lower and temperatures somewhat warmer.Although it sounds unpredictable, the climate tends to be well suited for trekking and adventure activities - nighttime temperatures are not too extreme nor are any periods of bad weather prolonged or intolerable. Quito (2850m) has a cool climate generally, while Banos (1800m) tends to be warm and tropical.

The climate of the Galapagos Islands varies from season to season and year to year, and there is quite a difference in temperature between the coastal areas and higher elevations. Due to the effect of the cool Humboldt Current the climate of the Galapagos Islands is generally mild and dry, with the temperature rarely rising above 80°F. From May to December, when the winds blow in a southeasterly direction, the shores of the southern islands are bathed in cool waters, chilling the air and creating unusually cold conditions for equatorial islands. During this period, rain is scarce on the coastal regions. Only plants that can survive long periods of time without water -- such as lichens and cacti -- thrive in these areas. Higher up, however, clouds of moisture support the thick vegetation. The rainy season, which lasts from January to April, is marked by decreased winds and warmer sea currents. The days are warm and the seas are calm during these months. Heavy rains in the upper elevations send streams of water down the slopes to even the lowest island points.

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