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King’s Bruton has enjoyed an excellent partnership with World Expeditions for many years. As part of our popular Gap Year Programme we rely exclusively on WE for the management of our fund raising expeditions each year. We have experienced nothing but professionalism, dependability and commitment to our ethos. At the locations of our expeditions we have found the local ground agents to be highly reliable and well respected in their communities. World Expeditions have delivered first rate experiences for our teams in North Africa and we look forward to many more years of effective partnership.




Take an adventure holiday in ETHIOPIA with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

One of the world’s oldest nations, Ethiopia is located in Northeast Africa bordered by Eritrea to the north, Sudan to the west, Kenya to the south, Somalia to the east and Djibouti to the northeast. Contrary to popular belief that Ethiopia is predominantly a desert landscape, most of the region is mountainous due to faults resulting from the Rift Valley, with the highest peaks in the Simien Mountains of northwestern Ethiopia.

Many years ago World Expeditions identified Ethiopia as the perfect haven for those desiring to trek in dramatic mountain scenery, where it is still a novelty to be a westerner. Our treks in Ethiopia are based around the more fertile highland plateau of the Simien Mountains, where we walk through the small villages and terraced fields of the lower valleys before reaching a series of dramatic cliffs and escarpments. We descend into the lowlands to gain an amazing perspective of scale of these mountains and another opportunity to interact with locals in the villages below. The Simien Mountains are home to many endemic species eg. Gelada Baboon, Walia Ibex and Simien Fox. A visit to Ethiopia would not be complete without acknowledging its ancient history and so we visit some of the world’s greatest ancient churches and monasteries such as the amazing 12th century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.

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Ethiopia Explorer

Explore Ethiopia's unique cultural heritage and spectacular mountain scenery
11 days |
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Hidden Tribes of Ethiopia

Visit the fascinating tribes of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia
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Highlands of Ethiopia

Combined with the rich culture and history of Ethiopia, trekking in the Simien Mountains will take your breath away with its stunning scenery and dramatic escarpments
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Hamlin Ethiopian Adventure

The only insider's tour of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopi.aExperience the Great Ethiopian Run.Raise vital funds for life-changing work.
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Trek Ethiopia

Trek in the wild and stunning Simien Mountains in Northern Ethiopia, raise awareness and much needed funds for your chosen charity.
10 days |
Moderate | Trekking | Charity Challenges
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The Weather in Ethiopia

Although almost on the equator, Ethiopia experiences temperate climate and sometimes temperatures below freezing (in the Simien Mountains) due to its high altitude. Throughout the highlands, where we will be travelling for the majority of this trip, the climate is moderate and daytime temperatures rarely exceed 25˚C. Particularly in December and January, the temperature drops at night to around 10˚C. The hottest months are April and May, just before the main rains.

Despite the moderate climate, the sun’s rays beat directly down and is not effectively filtered, hence its rays are quite vicious and there is the likelihood of sunburn and sunglasses are advisable. Although Ethiopia has its famous slogan of “Thirteen Months of Sunshine " a year - referring to the thirteen months of the Julian calendar - there are two rainy seasons a year : the irregular short rains from late January to early March and the long rains that stretch from June until mid September. In the highlands, especially on the escarpment, you must also be prepared for quite strong winds.

One of the most ideal times to visit Ethiopia is between October and January, when the rains have ceased and most of the plants are green from having received a large amount of moisture

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