Costa Rica Traverse

I don't think my feet have touched the ground since I've returned from Costa Rica so any relaxation achieved on the trip is rapidly disappearing sadly. However, just a quick note to say that it was the most amazing trip I've ever done. Danny our guide was phenomenal - his ability to keep us upbeat and motivated and telling us information on a need to know basis was fantastic - I wish he could be our guide on every trip I do in the future! The rest of his team was also fantastic - the logistics behind the trip were critical but totally seemless as we trudged through the rainforest and up vertical mud slopes in the rain. I was going to go on a Patagonia trek but delighted that I was advised to do this trip - it really was a challenge and I was nervous about my levels of fitness but I realise now that I'm fitter than I thought I was - long may I continue to keep the fitness up although last week I took it easy. Thanks again to WE for their excellent advice to do this trip - I'm so happy I did and have met some great people as a result!

L Chambers | UK



Take an adventure holiday in TURKEY with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

Turkey is a natural bridge between the two worlds of the West and the Orient. It displays an amazing diversity in its geography, geology and climate, varying from extremes such as the subtropical forest of the Black Sea coast to the evergreen pine forests of the Mediterranean, snow capped mountains, rolling steppe and rich agricultural valleys.

The Taurus Mountains are part of the “Alp - Himalaya zone’ along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Limestone that is imbued with a Karstic system of rock formations sinkholes, underground river systems and high plateau caves. The landscape of the region varies from rolling green hills, forests, high snow-capped peaks, impressive canyons and unbelievable rock formations.During the trekking season the vegetation can splash the hills with colour - masses of purple vetch, blue cornflowers and brilliant red poppies.

Cappadocia is a surreal landscape of conical shaped, limestone formations.Its contrasting moonscapes and valleys filled with rock-hewn churches and dwellings and fairy chimneys are nestled under the snow-capped mountains of Mount Aergius.It is primarily an agricultural region due to its rich, mineral laden soil; however, much wealth is generated from its famous carpet weaving and tourism.

Turkey's population has reached nearly 60 million.More than 95% of the population is Islamic. The original nomadic people, the Yoruk, or Black Tent Dwellers, still keep their original culture and way of life, alternating between the summer and winter pastures of the Taurus Mountains.Their Mongolian faces can distinguish them and they commonly wear loose baggy trousers, as they do in other regions of Central Asia.

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Follow ancient trails to discover the lunar landscape of Cappadocia on foot
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The Weather in Turkey

The ocean sides of both mountain ranges in Turkey experiences warm to mild conditions and the interior climate tends to be hot and dry during this time, along with cool nights. The Central Anatolian region of Cappadocia has hot and dry daytime temperatures between 20-30 degrees Celsius and cool nights between 10-20 degrees Celsius.

The Aegean experiences a hot and humid climate during summer (May – September) with temperatures rising to over 40 degrees Celsius at times. Average temperatures for this period are between 15 and 32 degrees Celsius.Rainfall at this time is at its lowest. The Mediterranean experiences similar weather patterns to the Aegean, although temperatures are slightly hotter ranging from 16 – 33 degrees Celsius between May and September. Again, May to September is the dry season.

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