South America Panorama

Having just arrived back from our South America trip, we thought we drop you a line to tell you how much we enjoyed our journey. Everything was as we expected and more!! The itenery itself was outstanding, the scenery and sites ... well photos just don't do it justice! The hotels we stayed in where better than we expected ... the tour guides where fantastic and very knowledgable. The tours and all the pick ups and transfers where spot on. There is now doubt in our mind to use World Expeditions again soon, it is now just a matter of finding the time (and of course a little money). Antarctica looks great!!!

Bert and Bea Lozey | Western Australia



Take an adventure holiday in BRAZIL with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, comprising the majority of the South American land mass and borders every South America country except Ecuador and Chile. Everything about Brazil is diverse and colourful, from the vast and wildlife rich Amazon, to the beautiful people and festivals of Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Brazil is classified as the sixth most populated nation, with the majority of its population live along the busy coastal areas of the north and southeastern states including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo as well as the capital Brasília.

Brazil is split into four geographical areas, including:

  • The northern region of Brazil consumes almost half of all Brazil’s territory and is almost entirely covered by the broad expanse of the Amazon Rain Forest. A rich folklore tradition can be found here that mixes the history and beliefs of colonizers and slaves.
  • The Southeast Region is the main gateway to Brazil. It is site of the two largest cities in the country - Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
  • A strong European influence can be felt in the southern regions as a result a wave of immigration in the 19th century that brought many Germans, Italians, Poles, forming a very unique culture.
  • The Central West Region is a veritable ecological sanctuary with the largest variety of birds in the world. Also to be found here are jaguars, alligators and tapirs and peccaries.

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The Weather in Brazil

March-November in Brazil is the driest and best time to visit; December-February can be rainy and humid. In southern Brazil, the evenings and winter days can be fairly cool, and sweaters or light coats are needed.

The Amazon region is always hot and humid, but the best time to see it is July-August, when it's neither the peak of the rainy season nor the time when the river is lowest.

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