Mont Blanc Ascent

Firstly may I just say I absolutely loved the Mont Blanc trip, and when talking to the other climbers who had gone with other agencies, our trip had the best mix of mountain huts, walks and training, so thank you, it really was superb.

J Kamming | United Kingdom



Take an adventure holiday in JAPAN with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

A geologically volatile archipelago, 85 per cent of Japan is mountainous. It is a relatively “young” land. The landscape is rugged and rocky, porous with natural springs, and the scenery has been perfectly depicted in famous historic paintings and woodblock prints: tiered mountains, streams, sculpted pine trees and many flowering plants, with a rich variety of bird life. Volcanic eruptions are not uncommon - although not on our route!

The population is concentrated in clustered centres on the coast of the main islands, with the remainder in small towns dispersed through the fertile hinterland. Since the big cities are all in lowland plains, the mountains are left largely to agriculture, forestry and national parks. Buddhism arrived from the mainland about 1,600 years ago, and its many traces overlap with those of the much older native belief system, Shinto. A feudal society for most of its history, Japan has been a parliamentary democracy since World War II, and is on the surface a very modern country. Modern Japanese profess not to be religious, yet the landscape is dense with the traces of a great spiritual legacy, including temples, shrines, tombs and wayside markers.

See Kyoto and the Izu Peninsula through the eyes of National Geographic

Japanese people are very conscious of their local roots, and from region to region there is a pleasing variation in dialect, cuisine and even, to a certain extent, appearance. Except for Tokyo, which has drawn immigrants from the northern and central regions, the regions of Japan engender a great deal of local pride.

We offered our first trekking holiday to Japan in 1999 and are one of the most experienced adventure operators in Japan. Our journeys takes you to the very centre of Japanese culture, to the Asia within Japan.

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Backroads of Japan

Our trip combines trekking ancient pilgrimage trails with visits to modern cities. The traditional, family run inns we stay at are a definite highlight. No wonder it is our most popular Japan itinerary
15 days |
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The Weather in Japan

Japan has a generally mild climate. Since the country stretches for 3000 km, from sub-Arctic in the extreme north to sub-tropical in the far south, there is plenty of variation throughout the year. Summer is hot and sticky, winter chills the bones, and the highest precipitation falls during the rainy season, roughly from mid-June to mid-July. This tour takes place outside these phases; but since we are travelling into rather lush regions, rain is a real possibility. Touring in this season, keeping occasional warm and cold fluctuations in mind, it makes sense to dress in thin layers that can be easily added or removed according to weather and altitude.

As the snows of winter retreat, peach and plum blossoms appear. But to the Japanese it is the blossoming of the flowering cherry, or Sakura, from April into May that truly signals the spring. Wherever these delicate, pale-pink blossoms burst, families and party groups gather beneath the boughs to celebrate the arrival of warmth, and a general loosening up of life. After a brief flowering the petals fall, to be replaced by more waves of flowers and new leaves, and the temperature and humidity rise steadily. Sunrise is very early, before 6am.

In autumn cooler the sun rises a bit later, and temperatures of 15 - 20 degrees Celsius prevail. Humidity evaporates into clear blues skies. With many of the trees deciduous - particularly the Japanese maple and gingko - the change in foliage is spectacular.

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