Mongolia Panorama

Our experiences with Tim Cope in Mongolia are just the stuff of dreams.
The trip was absolutely superb and having Tim as our guide was such an amazing bonus!

Your local operators there are excellent. Nothing was too much trouble. Everything went superbly well. The drivers were unrivalled. They multi-tasked as butchers, professional singers and entertainers.

I cannot praise the whole team enough..... It was a dream come true: to ride in the wake of Genghis Khan, on a Mongolian horse, wrapped in a deel!

Thank you so much for organising such a magnificent trip!

Maria Visconti | Sydney, Australia



Take an adventure holiday to MONGOLIA with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

Mongolia is landlocked and with an average altitude of 1,580m (5,180 ft), it is one of the worlds highest countries. Between the deserts are lakes, both salt and freshwater. Lake Hovsgol holds 2% of the worlds fresh water – so fresh you can drink it.

The nomadic lifestyle in Mongolia prevails even in the growing urban landscape around Ulaanbaatar, where gers (Yurt is a Russian word for ger) are found between the crumbling Soviet style buildings. The ger is the centrepiece of Mongolian traditions. The mobility of the tent suits the nomadic lifestyle, and the layout of the interior is culturally significant. The door always faces the south and the rear is reserved as a place of honour for guests, where a family altar is found decorated with family photos and Buddhist images.

The predominant religion of Mongolia is Buddhism, which has been revived following the lifting of the ban on religion in 1990. Historically, Mongolia has had close ties with Tibet through the Buddhist religion, and many similarities exist in the culture and lifestyle of these two countries.

Mongolian religion and their nomadic lifestyle is depicted in their music, literature and artwork. Throat (or Khoomi) singing is a particular style of male singing which requires special training, and involves several notes being released at once from the base of the throat. Contortionism is also a Mongolian tradition, and dance performances will often include a sequence.

The language is Mongolian - part of the Ural-Altaic family which also includes Finnish, Turkish, Uzbek and Korean. The language is written using the Russian Cyrillic alphabet.

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The Weather in Mongolia

Known as "the land of blue sky", Mongolia is a remarkable sunny country enjoying 250 sunny days a year. Mongolia has warm summers and extremely cold winters. The best time to visit is May-September, although there are no guarantees that there will be good weather. In the summer, the weather can range from freezing rain and snow to temperatures above 100 F/39 C, with a possibility of fog, drizzle and torrential storms. Average temperature in most of the country is below the freezing point from November to March and close to it in April and October.

Winter nights of -40C occur most years (minimum recorded -55C at lake Uvs). Summer extremes reach as high as +40C in the Gobi Desert and +33C in Ulaanbaatar. Monthly temperature variations of +45C to -55C are not uncommon in many regions of Mongolia. We strongly suggest you take along clothing that you can layer.

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