Sikkim Bhutan Trek

What a wonderful time we had on our trip! It was so well organised...from all World Expeditions' help at the planning stage to the actual trip itself. In particular, we absolutely loved the trekking and that was largely due to our fantastic guide Norboo. He was so focused on our having a great experience...from the food (our requests were always fufilled) to our comfort on the trek, and our safety.

Michelle | New South Wales



Take an adventure holiday in SIKKIM with World Expeditions, one of the world’s leading travel companies.

Sikkim is situated in the eastern Himalayas and is dominated by Mount Kangchenjunga (8534 mts), the third highest mountain in the world. Kangchenjunga is revered by the Sikkimese as their protective deity. The second smallest state of India, this tiny region in the north east provides stunning glimpses of the Himalayas. A combination of pristine wilderness and the peaceful lifestyle of its people ensure a truly unique travel experience. The stunning landscape consists of fertile valleys, fast-flowing rivers and large scale mountain peaks within an elevation range of 300 metres to 8540mts above sea level. All of this beauty is squeezed into a land area of 114kms from the north to south and 64kms from east to west.

Join a World Expeditions adventure tour or trek in the isolated Buddhist Kingdom of Sikkim and you will appreciate the centuries-old cultural heritage that still prevails today. Our adventure holidays in Sikkim offer unlimited opportunities to enjoy the warmth of the Himalayan people and the magnificent views of the scared peak of Kangchenjunga.

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The Weather in Sikkim

Sikkim is subject to the influence of the Indian monsoon that precludes trekking throughout the summer months from the end of May till the middle of September. The ideal time to trek in Sikkim is therefore either pre-monsoon from mid March till the end of May or in the post monsoon from late September through to mid November.

Temperatures on the treks can vary considerably. On any one trek the temperatures may vary considerably from 20˚C during the day, till minus 10˚C when the occasional storm in the high ground beyond Dzongri. At this time you will be pleased that you have been provided with good down jackets, sleeping bags and two person tents provided by our Delhi office. Please note that as a result of the monsoon, road closures may occur during certain trips forcing a change to the itinerary, in particular driving times.

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