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Costa Rica Traverse

I don't think my feet have touched the ground since I've returned from Costa Rica so any relaxation achieved on the trip is rapidly disappearing sadly. However, just a quick note to say that it was the most amazing trip I've ever done. Danny our guide was phenomenal - his ability to keep us upbeat and motivated and telling us information on a need to know basis was fantastic - I wish he could be our guide on every trip I do in the future! The rest of his team was also fantastic - the logistics behind the trip were critical but totally seemless as we trudged through the rainforest and up vertical mud slopes in the rain. I was going to go on a Patagonia trek but delighted that I was advised to do this trip - it really was a challenge and I was nervous about my levels of fitness but I realise now that I'm fitter than I thought I was - long may I continue to keep the fitness up although last week I took it easy. Thanks again to WE for their excellent advice to do this trip - I'm so happy I did and have met some great people as a result!

L Chambers | UK

South America Road Show



Peru is one of the quintessential destinations for adventure travellers. The country offers so much to explore: mysterious ruins, spectacular mountain trails, an ancient and sophisticated culture, exquisite festivals and award winning cuisine. 

We invite you to discover the magic of Peru - from the iconic Inca Trail to more remote hidden gems - all the while travelling light, taking only photographs and leaving only footprints.

South America Road Show: The Return of the 'Peru Guru'

Have you always wanted to visit Peru? Or perhaps you've already been and would like to explore the more hidden corners of the South American continent? 

Whatever your travel goals, your first stop should be our South America Road Show with Latin American expert Andreas Holland. Andreas has lived on the continent for over 30 years, much of this time spent exploring and guiding in Peru. His knowledge of the mountains and passion for supporting local communities is at the very core of our itineraries. Andreas will excite, inspire and guide you through planning your very own South American adventure. 

The 'Peru Guru' only comes to Australia once a year and his free presentations have been known to fill up quickly - RSVP now to secure your seat! Special offers to be announced and Paddy Pallin lucky door prizes on the night!

Newcastle - Tuesday 7 February                  Adelaide - Tuesday 21 February 
Brisbane - Wednesday 8 February  Perth - Wednesday 22 February 
Canberra - Thursday 9 February  Sydney - Wednesday 1 March 
  Melbourne - Thursday 2 March 

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Do you plan to walk the Inca Trail in 2017?

If you’re counting on trekking the Inca Trail in 2017 and haven’t locked in your trip yet, don’t miss out! Permits were released on 19 December 2016 - and are quickly selling out

To protect the popularity of Peru’s iconic trail leading to Machu Picchu a permit system was introduced to limit the number of people on the Inca Trail to 500 a day. The 500 people a day includes cooks, porters and guides, as well as tourists and trekkers. Do the math and you’ll quickly understand why you need to book your Inca Trail trip very early.

Choose from ten great adventures that trek the full 4 day classic Inca Trail. 

Classic Inca Trail (11 days)  Mount Salcantay and High Inca Trail (12 days) 
Inca Trail Adventure (7 days)  Best of Peru & Bolivia (19 days)
Inca Trail & Jungle Adventure (11 days)                     Best of Peru (16 days) 
Peru & Inca Trail Explorer (19 days)  Inca & Altiplano Trek (22 days) 
Peru Raft, Bike and Hike (12 days)  Inca Wilderness Trek (15 days) 

Travel that Gives Back

We understand that there are plenty of tour operators to choose from who can take you on the Inca Trail and help you discover the flavours of Peru. However, what sets us apart is our commitment to sustainable travel, a long held philosophy which drives most of our decisions in the field. We are always thinking about what we can give back.

From selecting our campsites, ensuring a Leave No Trace policy, removing litter through our 10 Pieces Litter Collection initiative, supporting our porters and mule drivers and giving back to local communities through our Community Project Travel program, responsible travel is at the heart of our program in Peru.

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