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Sikkim Bhutan Trek

What a wonderful time we had on our trip! It was so well organised...from all World Expeditions' help at the planning stage to the actual trip itself. In particular, we absolutely loved the trekking and that was largely due to our fantastic guide Norboo. He was so focused on our having a great experience...from the food (our requests were always fufilled) to our comfort on the trek, and our safety.

Michelle | New South Wales

World Expeditions Foundation


World Expeditions FoundationAim of the World Expeditions Foundation

World Expeditions Foundation (WEF) is an Australian based  not-for-profit entity whose main aim is to raise donations for education based projects in underprivileged communities across the globe. 

It’s philosophy reflects a focus on education as paramount in improving the standard of living in poor and indigenous communities, believing it empowers young people with a valuable asset for the future and in turn helps to assist developing countries to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. 

WEF is a registered public company with full DGR status and is a registered charity, with no religious or political affiliations.

Complete projects

In 2009/10 WEF raised funds for a project in NEPAL and another in TANZANIA which improved access to education in their respective communities.

In 2012/13 WEF raised funds for a project in PERU and another in TANZANIA which aim to improve access to education in their respective communities.

2014/15 Projects

How you can donate: The World Expeditions Foundation is a registered foundation, with DGR status enabling all donations over $2.00 to be tax deductible. We confirm that the full amount of your donation will be directed to the current projects being funded. DONATE HERE >>

Donations received: Donations are collected from World Expeditions travellers, supporters, partners of World Expeditions and are also injected into WEF by World Expeditions. All administration costs are funded by World Expeditions, 100% of donations are directed to the current projects. Donations register >>

Learn more about >> our Board of Directors.

WEF credentials: World Expeditions Foundation Ltd ABN 36 127 619 925 (WEF) was incorporated in 21 September 2007 and is intended to operated as a not-for-profit partner of Australian World Expeditions Pty Ltd ABN 98 001 424 568 (World Expeditions).

Reporting and accountability: WEF recognises that transparency in reporting and accountability is paramount to the success of the Foundation. Prior to, during and at the completion of a project we ask our project partners to complete these reports:

Criteria for project selection

The following criteria have been set for the selection of the project:

  1. Does the community receive inadequate government funding?

  2. Is the project based on a real local need and suggested by the local community?

  3. Is the project ongoing and long lasting?

  4. Is the project funded and/or constructed jointly with local people? (this type of engagement allows for a transfer of skills, ensures longevity and encourages the community to ‘own’ the project)

Contact WEF

For further information please write to

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