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Experience the world at handlebar level with the cycling holiday experts. Ever since we organised our first cycle tour in India in 1978 we recognised that this was the perfect means to explore remote villages a world away from the highways. If you haven’t cycled since your school days don’t worry. All our trips have support crew and backup vehicle so you can cycle at your own pace, while there are no yellow jersey awards at the end of the day.  We operate our cycle tours in India, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Peru.

The cycling is through undulating country on sealed and unsealed roads for between 20 and 100km a day at a steady pace and is fully supported by a back up vehicle.  Suggested preparation: 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic type exercise, including road cycling, three times a week for three months prior to your trip. 

Mountain Cycling involves cycling on remote and rough roads, in variable weather conditions for up to eight hours a day. You will spend successive days at altitudes generally not exceeding 5,500m. You will need to provide your own bike. To get the most out of these fully supported expeditions you require a sound level of cycling fitness and you should be comfortable in adverse weather conditions in remote areas. Suggested preparation: One hour of aerobic type exercise, four to five times a week for three to six months prior to departure, preferably on mountain roads/trails, and in variable weather conditions. For these expeditions it is important that you also train in adverse weather conditions, particularly in strong winds where possible.

For a European cycling holiday, you can choose from our Utracks guided or self guided cycling trips. Our wide range of self guided cycling holiday itineraries are all about the freedom to explore what interests you, at your own pace.  When you choose a guided option, you'll enjoy the company of an expert guide who is with you from the time you arrive until your trip concludes and a small group of like minded travelling companions from around the world.

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